Sunday, March 27, 2011

What's going on now that I'm in the U.S....I mean "Chile?"

The duration between these blog posts might suggest nothing is going on or that life has been boring. Just to clarify: That certainly isn’t the case. Since I arrived back in the U.S. I went from Miami to Atlanta, New York, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago, Indianapolis…..the list goes on. My RIDE Adventures, LLC project is running strong, I’m busy traveling, seeing people I want to see, and having fun (almost) all the time it seems. (And I finally got to see my parents and grandmothers after 2 years of not doing so!)

I’m back here in Chile staying with old roommates and friends for a week. Running into old friends and faces I said goodbye to half a year ago……seeing the neighborhood pooches that run the streets in this section of town (a few of them recognize and remember me) and getting ready to run my first tour with my own company.

That’s right! I just got back here to Santiago this week to start preparing for a 10-day tour with a private group in Patagonia. Getting to ride again in my favorite riding area of the world….and saying it’s “my career” and “my company” allowing me to do so!

We’ll be renting motorcycles from some partners of mine in the south of Chile, and spending 10 days riding through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. April should bring some pretty ferocious weather that far south, so I expect this trip to be quite an adventure in every way. This group has elected to stay in some of the “finer” accommodations available, and I’m excited to also see some of these fantastic hotels I had scouted out once again (I was last there a year ago.)

Updates about the progress of this tour will be tough, but I’ll post about it when I can. For now though, I’ll just come right out and say it: “Life is so damn good...!!!”

Next post will be a fun one: The “Best Of” and some numbers with regards to my 2-year adventure through Latin America. It’s going to be fun finally writing this!


  1. Awesome man, live it up! I hope to join you on one of your trips, Mr. Owner Extraordinaire!

  2. That's sweet Eric!!! Good to hear all is going so well :) Can't wait to see the pics...

    Lindsey and Neil

  3. Nice going! Congrats. Glad you got he Business going.
    Take care!