Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adventure #7 is over.....back in the U.S.!

After 13 countries, about 60,000 miles and countless sites and memories......here we are in the U.S., having saved our favorite country for last!

The final battle through customs and immigration has been won, this photo above showing my motorcycle and I safely in Miami about 25 months after we crossed from Arizona into Mexico. I'm actually posting this quite a bit after I arrived, as I didn't think it was appropriate to say I'm "completely" back in the U.S. until my motorcycle was safely here as well. (Call me sentimental about my motorcycle...I can't deny it.)

Since arriving, life has been quite busy, as I try to combine visits with friends and family along with the business plans I have in place. After visiting with my brother and his family in Miami for a week or so and somehow not taking any pictures, I headed up to Tampa Bay and had a quick visit with The Stair Family. Always great to see Ralph, Lila, (pic below) and their daughter Leslie as they are dear old friends of our family. Marking the start of my blog, Ralph was shown in the very first post I made in June of 2008 during our visit in Colorado on my way to California.

(Picture above: Back in front of my house in Atlanta, finally! I couldn't even drive around back to the garage and re-take the first photo from this blog because there was so much winter-ice on the streets in my neighborhood.)

My plan is to write a summary of what I saw and did....some of the "numbers" involved with all my travels on Adventure #7 and a list of favorites along the way. Just have to find the time to write that up!!!

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