Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adv# 7 Continued: The trip back to the U.S. has begun!

I've officially begun the trip back to the U.S.! Almost 2 years after I left.....

Having left Santiago behind for now, many great friends and experiences were on my mind as I left this morning in a hurry. Just yesterday I learned that a potential tour operator/partner I´ve wanted to meet will be in Chile in a few days, and with 4 solid days of riding, I could meet up with him in the border town of Arica.

The past couple of weeks were quite a blur, trying to finish things here, saying some "temporary goodbye's," and getting ready to finally head home. The final project of finishing the RIDE Adventures logo and business card design was finished last week, so please check it out at Again, the point of this company is to promote every type of "riding" tourism, be it by motorcycle, snowmobile, jetski, horseback......whatever. So we chose a logo that just identifies "movement" and the bit of "rooster tail" that often kicks up behind anything you ride. I'm really excited about how everything's going so far, and have to tip my hat to my buddies at Great work, as usual.......

So my plan is to head up through Peru and Ecuador, eventually arriving in Columbia sometime in November. I'll be hitting all the important "touristy" sites along the way, as well as meeting with various tour operators that could potentially work with RIDE Adventures. All that, combined with launching the full website sometime in the next month, I can't quite predict exactly how long this ride home will take. My hopes are of course to make it back for Christmas with the family (it's been a few years now I've missed that) and with a reasonable motorcycle-shipping option from Columbia to Miami, I don't see why I wouldn't make it.

So keep looking for more new pics and stories! I should cross into Peru in about 4 days. In La Serena, Chile right now.

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