Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mexico: miles and miles of smiles

My bike earned a new badge in the last week, and it came from passing through one of the greatest early surprises of this trip: Mexico

Funny that we originally thought we'd spend about 2 weeks in Mexico. We enjoyed ourselves so much in each place we visited, it was actually about 4 weeks by the time we left (December 27th.)

Plenty of concern preceded my riding through Mexico, and I know there are many examples of people being hurt, robbed, mis-treated, or whatever. Somehow, Peter and I made it through Mexico holding a very high opinion of this country and smiles on our faces. To match us from within, the people we rode past and met along the way leave me with the thought of "smiles" when the name "Mexico" pops in my mind. It was an absolute delight and an experience I will treasure forever.

From the simple smiles and waves from strangers as we rode by to the individuals that took time out of their lives to help us and make us feel welcome, my thanks go out to the many people along the way that made it such a pleasure to ride through this country I've lived so close to but never really knew.


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  2. Thanks for keeping up to date with the blog E, great to see the pics and hear how you are doing. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi Eric! Your friends Melissa and Marni at the AAA office on North Oracle in Tucson toasted to your good health and a prosperous new year! I'm enjoying reading about your adventures, and your pictures are beautiful.